Magic Mike’s Adam Rodriguez lays off weed while working, but encourages all cannabis lovers to try growing at least once

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Adam Rodriguez, perhaps best known for his big and small screen roles in “Magic Mike XXL” and “CSI: Miami,” supports recreational cannabis, but that doesn’t mean he consumes it while working.

Plenty of people have touted the link, perceived or not, between cannabis and creativity. That may apply for the act of creating or to better appreciate things that have already been created, such as art and music.

Cannabis expert Dr. Ethan Russo suggests that THC’s effect on memory may help stimulate appreciation for creative works. “Altered states of consciousness can offer a different experience, and, therefore, a different perspective on the source of stimulation,” Dr. Russo told The GrowthOp in 2019.

Pot purveyor and bud booster Seth Rogen reports that he is perennially stoned, including while working.

“Have you ever performed, like have you ever acted high,” Stephen Colbert asked

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