CBC News: The National | Health care strain, Vaccine passports, Ocean plastics

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July 14, 2021 | The strain on health care from the COVID-19 pandemic is showing in hospitals, especially in Quebec where doctors say some ERs are at a breaking point. Without a national plan for vaccine passports, the provinces and businesses are taking it on themselves. Plus, cleaning up the plastic that’s choking B.C.’s shores.

00:00 The National for July 14, 2021
01:09 Staffing shortages push Quebec ERs to breaking point
05:02 Lack of proof-of-vaccination standards
07:13 300+ wildfires burning across B.C.
07:41 Ontario issues wildfire emergency order
07:58 5 killed in Kelowna, B.C. crane collapse
10:11 Arrest after Muslim women threatened in Hamilton, Ont.
10:56 Toronto council approves renaming Dundas Street
13:28 Leaders criss-cross Canada amid election speculation
15:36 EU unveils sweeping new climate plan
18:01 COVID-19 outbreaks on ships off N.L. coast
18:26 Shipping crews stuck at sea for 11 months
21:45 Tokyo COVID-19 cases surge
22:15 England prepares to lift most COVID-19 restrictions
25:19 Rescuers try to free whales tangled in ropes
25:47 Cleaning up the plastic choking B.C.’s coastline
35:21 Iran kidnapping plot alleged in U.S. indictment
38:34 Turning Red puts Canada in the spotlight
40:51 Regina’s Tesher teams up with Jason Derulo
42:49 The Moment


Canada lacks national proof-of-vaccination standards
Remembering those killed in Kelowna crane collapse

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