63. HerniaTalk LIVE Q&A: Hernia Repair in USA vs the World

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Welcome to HerniaTalk LIVE, a Q&A hosted by Dr. Shirin Towfigh, hernia and laparoscopic surgery specialist who practices at the Beverly Hills Hernia Center. This is the only Q&A of its kind, aimed at educating and empowering patients about all things related to hernias and hernia-related complications. For a personal consultation with Dr. Towfigh: +1-310-358-5020, info@beverlyhillsherniacenter.com.

This week, the topic of discussion was:
– Hernia Repair Techniques in USA vs the World
– Mesh Options in USA vs the World
– Surgical Training in USA vs the World
– Shouldice
– McVay
– Bassini
– Stoppa
– Sublay Mesh Removal
– Denervation Injury
– ASIA Syndrome
– Mesh Reaction
– Brain Fog
– Robotic Surgery


This week, Dr. Towfigh discusses Hernia Repair in the USA vs the World and answers your questions.

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